quinta-feira, 4 de setembro de 2014

John Everall tribute

One online friend is dying from cancer.
Friends organized a digital audio record to support funeral expenses

This song is from Andrew Liles and it is a version of a Coil song

"from everall, released 30 August 2014 
The first time I met John was almost 10 years ago on Saturday 13th of November 2004, it was also a date (unbeknownst to us at the time) that happened to be the last day on this planet for Jhon Balance. 

We were both playing live at the 'Burst Couch Event' at Britons Protection in Manchester. I recall on the night of the show John told me on the way to the venue he had found a discarded badge in the street. With the passage of time the exact words on the badge have left my memory, but they were something along the lines of 'Where is John?'. We also discussed Coil and how John created the wonderful line "There's too much blood in my alcohol" which was borrowed from him by Jhon Balance for the song 'Heartworms'. 

This is my cover of 'Heartworms', it is dedicated to John and all those I have known or know or will know who have been assaulted by the unforgiving demon they call cancer. 

Andrew Liles - August 2014 "

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