terça-feira, 20 de janeiro de 2015

When you understand Jarboe's lyrics you are immune to the violence of every Simone de Beauvoir of this world

In the interim of temporary defeat,
I am not in flame mode.

Building muscle

I will destroy what tries to damage me again


You know how I live
By a third of my full force and will
In order to not threaten mere mortals

Don't worry
I am of beast nature after all
And I have let it out of its cage

Even death means nothing

(Gira, Jarboe)
I found you lying where I drowned you
I found you lying where I lay with you
Where I threw you in the water
Where I drowned you in the river
Where I watched you roll away
Where I watched your body roll away
Roll away
Roll away
From everything we think we know
We'll lie down in the warm green grass
And the sun will shine on our pale shape
Our blood will flow black in the dirt
And a black rose will grow where we laid

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