quarta-feira, 4 de maio de 2016

It's about

Its about loving everything; your Pop, your kitty...All the things...the cat food, the little bits of crayon, the melted pieces, the loving friends..all the things you wish you had.


Hello perry
you think you're so fucking scary
well, I've got news for you

hello perry

hello perry
hello ??

this is the news for you, perry
and it's not so fucking scary
here it is:

it's talking about you
it's talking about growing up in england
it's talking about being the slave boy
it's talking about giving head when you're 6 years old
it's talking about doing these things
the coming apart of you
the coming apart of your faith
and meeting the popping cherry of the brain
and the part of passing it around to the other boys
and then once you know it…

hello perry
i think it's all too fucking scary
well, I've got news for you, perry
do you...hey!
i really care, perry
about your money
your mother died of cancer
Cancer, cancer, cancer, cancer, cancer, cancer, cancer, cancer, cancer

See, perry
i can be there ??

it's about coming of age 
it's about learning how to do it 
it's about learning how to experience things the way they ought to be experienced 
it's about growing up 
it's about licking the shit off the floor 
it's about doing the things that you ought to do 
it's about being a butthole surfer 
it's about doing promotional work 
it's about 
it's about PR 
it's about all these things 
it's about loving yourself 
it's about loving your mom 
it's about loving your dad 
it's about doing the things 
it's about going to the go-kart track 
it's about loving everything 
your pop, your kitty 
all the things 
the catfood, the little bits of crayons 
the melted pieces 
the loving friends 
all the things you wish you had

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