quinta-feira, 3 de julho de 2014

The legendary pink dots

Legendary Pink Dots - "Green Gang" 

The Legendary Pink Dots feel it is our duty to inform an unwary public that the new number of the Beast is 834. In fact we, the Legendary Pink Dots were instrumental in this turn of events. Let us explain...

The change occurred on a rainy morning in August when the Legendary Pink Dots, Lisa and friends of the Prozhtet Militat were holding a party to celebrate the completion of AsYlum - a cage into which they could retreat from worldly matters.

Naturally, the party finished with the traditional burning of Oogchuu, the fire baby. (We must point out that the burning of Oogchuu is not an act of cruelty. Oogchuu's purpose in the order of things is to be burned, and he never protests when Poison Barbarella strikes the first match.).....

O álbum 'Asylum' de 1985 pela banda The Legendary Pink Dots

Gorgon Zola's Baby Lyrics :

Gold chain. Bronze skin. Cheese brain. Holes. Yes, Gorgon Zola rules the
beach. She strolls, she kicks some sand - the mild man winces, clears his
eyes. Despises her. She's tall and cruel and cool as sour cream. His dreams
are dry. She'll paralyze - an icepick in his spine. She'll fine him when
his wheelchair's parked on double yellow lines. He takes it because he has
to... because he's built like stale spaghetti. Zola's pointing the machete
- so he jumps!

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