terça-feira, 5 de janeiro de 2016

Ericka - Song for Charles


"...What makes the album genuinely remarkable, even among the Art Ensemble's complete output, is the Mitchell composition titled Song for Charles (a dedication to Charles Clark, the talented Young AACM bassist who died in Chicago just nine weeks before this recording). If anything can be said to be "typical" of the group at its best, then this lengthy and complex group improvisation deserves such a description. The multi-instrumentalism creates a constantly shifting surface, yet care is taken to provide thoughtful and logical contexts for the improvisations-notably the central solo by Bowie,which is among his starkest and loveliest recorded improvisations. In other hands the bird-calls and the shouts and the bass sax would sound absurd, but the quartet exploit them with discretion and unfailing aptness"
From Richard Williams, January 1978 liner notes

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