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The ritual mask

'The ritual mask'
óleo sobre pano cru
40cm por 36cm (em grade de madeira)
2007 - 2018

Trabalho inspirado pela música de Peter Hammil com o mesmo nome:


A Ritual Mask
Upon the wall
Furnishes his surroundings
And he thinks that's all

The Ritual Mask
Its power still strong
A memento of his travels
That he got for a song
He got it for a song
He got it for a song

It was the song of the centuries undisturbed
It was the song of secrets and power words;
It was the song of a culture not grown immune
To the virus of progress
To the theft of the tune

The Ritual Mask
The evil eye
Inhabits his apartment
Inhabits his mind
With a song of vengeance
With a song of a debt repaid
With a song of justice
With a song of a hand unstayed
With a song of a culture as old as the hills...
That sits uneasy on the living-room wall
Like a snake about to kill

The Ritual Mask
It won't take long
Before he finds out the bargain
Has turned out dreadfully wrong

(fotografia de época)


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It ships in a cardboard box

150€ (European Union and UK); 175€ (rest of the world)

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