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Hamza El Din

Hamza El Din 
Petaluma, CA

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Hamza el Din - Escalay: The Waterwheel - for String Quartet
Performed by: Berneck Quartet - January 2012 - Switzerland (Charity Concert)
Violin: Lyonel Schmit, Christop Brüggemann
Viola: David Quiggle Cello: Viturin Döring

Water Wheel is a complete description of the experience of the boy who keeps the water wheel going. He rises early, before dawn, and begins, sleepily, to hitch up the oxen, adjusting the tension so that both animals are pulling equal weight. As the wheel slowly begins to move, the huge wooden gears of the wheel creak and groan. Gradually, lulled by the warmth of the morning sun, the movement and the sound of the wheel, the boy tending the oxen begins to hum to himself. As the wheel turns more quickly and strongly, he begins singing more loudly, merging the sound of his own voice with that of the wooden gears. Eventually even his song is lost in the drone of the wheel. One gear, like one note, meshes with the other gears, and increasingly complex overtones develop like the movements of a great fugue. And the fugue grows, like waves from a pebble dropped into the water. The waves move out, touch the shore and return, making new waves until all the water is ruffled and moving. Soon the boy sitting on the water wheel becomes entranced, hypnotized by the insistent song of the wheel and he sits staring vacantly into space, only awakened from his trance by someone calling to him to keep the animals moving. In this work, Hamza El Din demonstrates clearly his mastery of the oud and his innovations in the use of this instrument. Note especially that while he plucks the bass string continually in one rhythm, he hammers with the left hand on two other strings, and uses alternatively the remaining strings to set the pattern of the melody against the other rhythms. This creates a harmonic whole, which describes perfectly in musical terms the hypnotic humming of the water wheel.

The Waterwheel :

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