sexta-feira, 20 de janeiro de 2017

Tango Lust Bar

Tango Lust Bar from zmb_mur on Vimeo.

This video came out as an idea around 2012
when I had to develop a design application for a job interview.
The idea was based on developing three image and logo concepts regarding the word 'Lust'.
I designed three images: this one of the girl playing pool with drinks, I called it 'Lust bar'.
But the designs were not at that stage properly presented, so I didn't get the job.
But I liked this image and made it to a flash animation
where I added my word reading from Frank Zappa's Roxy and Elsewhere
and set the background to an image of Ribeira at Porto, Portugal.
This was for some time the entry-point for the 'Edições Cassiber' site,
my own site that is now offline.
In 2017, I just transformed the swf file onto a adobe premiere file
and overdubbed the sound from the Zappa vinyl record.

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