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Os Mutantes da Cruzes Canhoto em 2017

Os Mutantes da Cruzes Canhoto em 2017 from zmb_mur on Vimeo.

Video description of the Gallery Cruzes Canhoto at Porto, Potugal.

From Júlia Côta’s devils (Barcelos, Portugal) to Henry Darger’s Vivian Girls (Chicago, USA), from the Songye Masks (DR Congo) to the Haitian Drapo Vodou, there is a virgin, raw and primitive world of magic, myth and fantasy waiting to be discovered.
 At Cruzes Canhoto we propose to embark on the adventure to unveil this fantastic universe of singular colours and shapes with origins in the deepest and remotest innards of human nature. Our journey is a passionate and intuitive one, indifferent to the conventions of the art markets and leaving ethnography and anthropology to its rightful owners.
 Cruzes Canhoto is not about art – it’s about life. Unique in its kind in the Iberian Peninsula, it gathers in the same space works of art brut, tribal art and folk art.

It presents two new exhibitions, from 23 September > 31 December 2017 + A couple of days:

a) IDALÉCIO – Metalúrgico Sexagenário
After the huge success of the 2016 exhibition, “D’Idalécio… Todos Temos Um Pouco” – a retrospective of the work of the artist from Aveiro, then unknown – Cruzes Canhoto presents a new exhibition of paintings and sculptures of Idalécio, this time with new pieces only.
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b) 7 APART
A collective exhibition that gathers drawings and paintings of seven outsiders belonging to the circle of artists of Cruzes Canhoto.
In addition to previously exhibited João Fróis, Daniel Gonçalves and Pedro d'Oliveira, the gallery presents for the first time the creations of Serafim, ZMB, Damião Vieira and Clara Probanza.

Galeria Cruzes Canhoto, Rua Miguel Bombarda, 452, Porto, Portugal


We open everyday at 10 am.
Sometimes at 11 am. Other times we don’t open at all.
We close at 7 pm.
Sometimes at 8 pm. Other times we don’t close at all

Text by Tiago Coen / Cruzes Canhoto
Video Rec and Edit by ZMB
Soundtrack to this video by Os Mutantes on the lp 'Os Mutantes' from 1968

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