quinta-feira, 10 de maio de 2018

O arquitecto dos dias

'O arquitecto dos dias'
óleo sobre tela
70cm por 100cm
ZMB a partir de William Blake

I am starting now to sell some paintings here as ZMB:
look into the image above. the first is
ZMB after William Blake 'O arquitecto dos dias'
Oil on canvas, height: 70cm, width: 100cm, without frame,

This painting is now SOLD. thank you!
I took inspiration from two images on a Blake's illuminated book called 'Europe, a prophecy'
On the bottom left side I painted a nightly vision of Porto, Portugal
I ship from Porto, Portugal. Prices don't include shipping,
Delivery in hand possible in Porto City Center.
Payment by paypal, bank transfer (or cash if delivered in hand)
My real name is Rui M. S. Lourenço, my email for contact is zmb_mur@yahoo.com

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